Thursday, July 30, 2009

some days you climb the wall..some days you hit it!

Seems this week I have hit it!
Just too tired to think!
and yet this is not a normal state of being for me..
I wonder why I am so burnt out??

I think that the summer coming to an end plays a part!
This is the second summer I have worked with my kids out of school.
This one was great however,
in that my kids got blessed by the hard work!
We had vacations and camps...
treats and fun...
the hard work so worth it!
BUT, as its drawing to an end..
I think the anticipation of evenings at home...
is starting to mount!

I look forward to the normal teaching schedule..
and the routine of daily life!
Maybe, I am just happens!:)
But, for whatever reason..
today..this week..
is a week in which cleaning the kitchen is an accomplishment
getting laundry done is cause for celebration
and the hot meals just icing on the cake!!:)

The great part...
each day is new...
each moment now history...
and relief is just around the corner!!


  1. Sounds like your kids have had a great summer with their mom!! ;)

  2. WOOHOO! You are the winner of the INTENTIONAL REFUGE Giveaway!

    Please email me your mailing address and your gift will be on its way!

  3. transitions are always a challenge but the thought of them makes them even tougher if you like where things are!

    I love the summers yet, somehow I'm looking forward to having then in school again, the schedule, the routine of the days.

    As to's so common in moms. Single moms have a greater challenge.

    Sometimes you climb the wall, sometimes you hit it and sometime the wall will come crumbling down and it'll be easy again!


  4. :) Congrats on winning Sherri's giveaway.

    I hope you feel more chipper soon.