Friday, July 31, 2009

a real friday night..the cure for the humdrums??

I am still getting the hang of this
single-again mom thing!:)
and this working, single mom thing..
and this kids are preteens now thing..
and.. get the picture!!

Sometimes all is smooth
and sometimes not so much..
but tonight I realized that
one aspect
that I have let go in the routine
is the basic 'Friday night veg out'!

Back in my old life..
when I was home all day with the kids
the weekend were my time to relax
with family!
I did this with no guilt!
and of course, while a stay at home moms life is busy
the house work tends to be part of the gig..
and often is done during the week!
now logistically it has to wait until the weekend..
so it seems I get a head start
and Friday nights are more of the same! more!
Its Friday night!
I plan on putting the kids to bed on time:)
putting my feet up..
reading a good book...
or even watching something meaningless on TV!
I ordered us a pizza and will skip the stair stepper!!:)

I wonder if just letting myself
let it all go
will be the first step
in finding my footing again!
Because I was pretty steady on my feet,
but have defiantly hit some rocky ground!

So, we will start here...
Thank goodness its Friday, right??


  1. Hope your Friday was a good one and you got to relax.

    Have a great weekend too.

  2. I'm sure it can't be easy doing it alone. It's hard enough with two parents. Good luck to you and stay strong!

    I signed up to be a follower for your site. I'm trying to get more people to follow my daddy blog. Please sign up.