Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keeping it all real...

Today was almost as bad as yesterday..
driving to get the tire..
the engine made an awful noise!
Got to the garage just in time...

However, The garage was owned by an old family friend,
He gave me a price break!
When the car started having issues I was a few minutes away..
yesterday when the tire blew..
within minutes someone who knew me
passed by
and stopped to help..

These are just a few examples
there are many
moments when it all feels wrong
but if you look hard
you will see
that there is alot more right!

The small things that get you through
big things!
The small things are the real moments
the big things sometimes consume us..
and yet if we stop..
just for a second
and start looking at the details around the event..

How much worse could it have been?
How much harder?
How much did the details protect or prevent??
How blessed are we
even in the moment that it all falls apart?

I am taking the time to look at the details..
and appreciate the moments
that make the disaster
just inconvenient
instead of catastrophic..
sort of like smelling the roses..
instead I am looking for the roses in the middle of the thorns...

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