Sunday, July 5, 2009

sundays...quiet..reflection... and concerns...

I love Sundays!
I have not always felt that way!
as a child 'Sunday naps' were torture!
BUT, now I understand the need!
Now, I get the idea behind 'family time'..
and the need to refresh before a very busy week!

I have begun to grasp the need for a down day..
and I protect that at all costs!
A day to regroup and not to run...
and Sundays are it!

It is also a day to reflect..
where am I in my walk with Christ..
where am I in my journey to healing..
where am I as a mom?..
where should I be instead!

And it leaves me with time to think of all that has happened
and wonder at some of the effects!
Some of the choices that still affect me....

All is all
Sunday is a day to let the last week go
and prepare for the week to come!
And as a single mom
it has become my day for me..
and for my children...
a day that will be protected
and I believe will play a part
in the healing of our hearts
and the emotional well being of our souls...

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Well said, dear. I see from your facebook notes that it really was a great day. I'm happy for it.

  2. A day of rest...for SO many reasons!