Sunday, July 26, 2009

why romantic movies mess me up...

and they do!
I keep going anyway..
then cry through them
and have to go somewhere to recover!
BUT why??
why does it hurt to watch 2 people fall in love??

Because they always end at the kiss
the moment,...
2 incompatible people...
often who feared commitment
who were deeply dysfunctional
in some way that makes for great comedy..
now fall in love..
kiss passionately
and then as in the fairy tales...
live happily ever after!!....NOT!

And thats what messes with my mind...
what happens next?
after the kiss?
when they can no longer agree?
when the quirks are not so cute?
and the differences between them not so funny?
do they stay in love?
that moment that made us all catch our breath
as we watch from our movie seats..
when does that disappear?
when does reality hit?
or is it possible for that kind of 'love' to be reality??

see..I just don't know!
I have fallen in love!
Once so completely it consumed me..
and once with reservations as my heart was no longer whole...
BUT both times
the kiss was the beginning of the end..
or, I would still be there right??

So when I watch a romantic movie..
thats all I can think of..
is OK, so what now???
what happens next??
and can it possibly last??
hmmm... I just don't know anymore!


  1. Falling in love is the easy part...staying in love is different. I think the only thing you can do is make sure the person you think you might be able to fall in love with is a person of integrity and compassion. Going slowly, being friends, watching for signs of emotional immaturity, that's the best we can go.

    But without that first kiss there can be no second and so it's a leap of faith. It's paid off for me, t his time! It will for you someday, right when things are perfect./.


  2. yes, yes but not until you are ready.
    And love yourself again