Thursday, December 16, 2010

The aftermath..

I am in such a great place
in my life...
I am happy
and content!

I feel ready for whatever
life brings,
but I am not anxious
nor in a hurry.

I have learned
some great lessons..
and I have many
still to learn.

My heart still cries
in moments,
but the tears
are now water
not salt..
there is no bitterness
in the texture...
I am healing!

But, I would be
to say
I think
that after a life changing
no matter how much
time we think
has passed...
we are ALWAYS
in the process
of moving on.

My divorce
It changed who I was,
who I hoped to be!
It changed my future
and my goals.
some for the worse..
some for the good..
but little was left the same.

The choices made
after the fact
do not reflect who I was,
or even who I am..
but rather the upheaval
of my heart;
and the journey
of my soul;
as I settle into

So now..
as I feel settled
and sure,
I remind myself
that I will still make
I will still fall in moments..
my heart will sometimes
tear in old wounds..
and my soul
will in moments
remember what was.

when I fall..
I will remember
how to refind
my strength
and gather my wits
about me.

I have fought through
the hardest part..
I have found myself!

as I look for a future..
or rather wait on what
the future shall bring...
I allow myself
the failures
and shall end up
with the lessons.

I shan't forget,
but I shall not always
in color...
the mistakes
fade to black and white..
the future is opaque..
and the past?
a hazy recollection
of shadows.

For now the present
is bright..
and exactly where I want to be!


  1. Good for you - want what you have, and the world is yours.

  2. Just came from MidLife Mommy and she's in a good place too! I am loving these uplifting, positive posts!

  3. I LOVE this post!!! Beautiful words. Beautiful spirit! Sounds like you're really enjoying your holidays!