Friday, December 10, 2010

alone...better then not?

I enjoy being alone!
not because I
that being alone
is the goal.

but instead by being OK
I am getting closer
to offering a 'whole' person
to another.

Being OK alone
allows me to know
that I will not need
another TOO much,
I will not push
where I should not,
I will respect boundaries
and enforce my own.
because I am comfortable
with who I am,
even when I am not with

I have learned this
and come to own this..
only through the simple
of time alone..
time spent understanding me
and why
my past
has hurt as it has.
time spent
getting to know
and enjoying
the company I provide.

I reached this place
as I cried
from loneliness,
as I drove
to favorite haunts
with no-one to share the journey,
as the sun set
and rose
on my broken heart..
and I reached this place

as I no longer cry,
as I can choose share the drive
but am just as happy not too,
and watch the sunset,
and sleep peacefully past sunrise..
I understand
that when we have faced a loss
and we have dealt with
the aftermath
and we have reached a place
of being OK
with just ourselves...
we are now ready!
we are now whole..
we are now stronger
and more secure!

I have reached this place
of being comfortable alone..
because the person
I shall give my whole
being too..
deserves nothing less!


  1. Such beautiful, beautiful words. You are such a talented writer, and you've come so far on this journey. Cheers to you, and congrats on all the amazing progress you've made so far!

  2. Love your new family photos! I LOVE, in fact, CRAVE my alone time... I get ornery if I don't get it!

  3. That makes a lot of sense. And, said so in such a poetic way!

  4. You said this SO beautifully! Anyone who doesn't understand why it's important to be happy and healthy alone before being a part of a (happy, healthy) couple, should read this and take it to heart! Well said, my happy, healthy friend!! XO

  5. So very true. It is a hard place to get too sometimes, but when you do, it is great!