Thursday, December 30, 2010

I don't dream in romance..

I woke up in the
middle of the night..
my dreams still with me.
and I started thinking...

I never dream
about meeting someone
or of being in love!

I dream about things I know!
Things I am doing!
Things I have done!
I dream odd scenarios
of familiar events..
but I do not dream in abstract!

I wonder,
does this mean
I have given up on hope?
or am jaded?
Or does it simply mean
that my heart
and sub-conscience
can not put into words
that seems so elusive!

I guess..
only time..
and dreams;
shall tell!


  1. Not even one dream of romance?
    Wow that's different...

  2. I don't usually dream about meeting someone or being in love, either, or at least those aren't the dreams I remember. It's something I think about, but I don't believe my subconscious is consumed by it. Yet ;)

  3. mamma has spoken- I know!!! Unless I am just not remembering them AT all..
    Mr Witherspoon- maybe thats it! I (or my sub-conscience) is not consumed by it...