Sunday, December 5, 2010

so right.....or not?

sometimes it can feel
as it should..
and feel as you
always wanted it to feel...
it can be SO right
and yet,
so not!

I do not know how
or why that is!

Could it be a heart connection
that dwindles?
or a chemistry match
without heart?
Could it be the past
has dug in too deep?
or just simply
the present
is not fitting like a glove?

I do not know!

I know that there was good...
lots of it!
Nothing really was wrong!...
just something
did not feel
completely right!

Maybe it was just me!
Maybe my heart
will never feel whole
or maybe it was timing!
Or maybe
just not the right 'one'.

I just don't know!

I am sad!
ending a relationship
hurts both people!
I am thankful!
I had a couple of months
with a man
who has forever raised
the bar,
as to how I shall
expect to be treated
and cherished!

I am glad!
glad for the moments,
glad for the lessons,
glad for the memories
and glad that I have learned
to read my heart
and know
when 'so' right...
is just 'not'...

nomatter how sad
and very hard...
that is!


  1. Ah, I'm sorry. But it sounds like it was a positive experence and will help pave th way for another relationship that might be a better fit.

  2. Sometimes that is all someone was meant to do. Set the bar a little higher. *hugs*

  3. It's all about learning, my friend... about becoming the person you are still to be... about being 100% happy alone and THEN finding the right person... about not settling for something that doesn't feel JUST right, even if there are good things about it. It's about not moving too quickly... about trusting your heart AND your head to know what's right for you. It's about being honest (which I know you are ALWAYS). And it's about knowing that, sometimes, you will hurt someone you care about in order to take care of yourself, and though that feels really bad, if that person is HEALTHY, he will deal with it and move on -- the same as you have and will again. It's life -- the bad with the good. Love you! XOXO

  4. GOSH! AS I blogged my new blog you wrote this! The perfect answer for THAT!!thank you! LOVE you my friend!!!

  5. (I'm telling you, I'm a mind reader ;) Mwah! XO