Tuesday, December 14, 2010

public living...private loving...

I have addressed this a bit before..
it is a topic
that makes me think...!

I have a blog,
as you might know..:)

I blog a lot of my thoughts..
and feelings..
I have blogged about my past
and my present!
for the most part
I have blogged how it affects me..
I have not used names,
and I have tried not to give too many details.
I have been public
about my life..
and shared my hurts!

When I entered a relationship
I became private!
There are many reasons...

I believe with all my heart
that love cannot grow
if it does not feel safe!
safe is knowing
that what you share
and whisper;
your fears..
your heart...
your past...
belongs then to that person
and that person alone.

When that is threatened
whether within
or without of that
the safety is forever compromised!

and so..
I do not blog
about the one or ones
I shall date
or love...
or come to loose...
not in specifics!!

And I know
that when I set out
to date again,
I shall want to know
how this person
handles what they share...

(I would be wary of dating
a fellow blogger..ha ha!)

And I would hope that
like I shall do..
any man who looks to date me
will look at my blog..
and see that my track
shall keep what his heart safe.

Because we often judge someone
we might date in the future
by how they treated
the privacy of their
relationships in the past!
(a reflection of respect in general!)

If they did not respect those
they shall not respect mine.

and so,
I shall remain
public about me...
but private about
if you, shall one day,
enter my life!


  1. I once read a pair of blogs where readers suggested they date and blog it. They did. It was excruciating because they both told all the details, good and bad, and you actually knew - name and photos - who they were talking about. I'd never give away someone's identity.

  2. I tend to vent out loud... it is a bit healing for me. But anonymous enough to the world to be only recognized by those who already know in RL.
    You write beautifully and I can see your healing day by day.