Saturday, December 4, 2010

over my day!

I JUST am!

Too many things going wrong..
a leaky car..
a computer virus...
hormonal daughters....

Too much to do...
Christmas play practice...
college final...
Christmas pictures....
Final paper....
Movie to watch for class..

Too much on my mind...
things I know
but cannot yet say..
things I feel
and do not understand...

Too much for one day!
and so I shall head to bed!
knowing that tomorrow
all that needs to be done will still be there,
all that needs to be said
will still be left to say,
all that happened
will however be
left behind in the day before!

and that is a start!


  1. it is indeed a good start. hang in there kiddo, things will get better. One day you'll look back on all the hard times and think "phew, I did it". And you'll be proud. you're doing a good job.

  2. There are many "seasons" that make up our lives!! You are in the busy one! Hang in there!