Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a crisis??..NOT!..but sort of...

It seems that for the last few years
ALL issues seemed to be
divorce related...
even with the kids!!
Their hurts..
Their fears...

It actually feels good to be dealing
with just run of the mill
preteen drama...

and I had a doosie today!!
My middle daughter,
my sensitive pre teen!
The beautiful one
who falls all the time..:)
and spills her food..
and trips during recess...
the self conscious one...
who has a heart of gold...
and a smile to match...

found out she will need glasses
all the time...
and she cried and cried and cried!
I am sure
it stems from 'what will others think'..
She got cute little girl glasses...
and was excited for a moment,
just a moment
and then the flood gates opened!

I know its minor
in the scheme of things!
BUT my heart hurt for my little girl!
and I felt helpless..
I knew words of wisdom were not helpful
right that moment,
I held her
but knew she needed something more!

I remembered as a young lady...
a cup of hot tea from my mom,
was always offered
at the sign of any heartache...
and so I put the kettle on...
I put our favorite dramatic CD on..
(the sound track to the phantom of the opera..)
We sat on the floor together eating chocolate cupcakes
and drinking hot tea...
listening to the music..
and crying together!
I hurt for her...
I am sad she is sad..
and that is all I can give her in this moment...
my heart and my tears...

and after a few songs...
a lot of tears,
a little chocolate
and soothing tea..
we were chatting
and smiling...
the fear is still there..
I know there might be more tears..
but the worst is passed...
and I gave her all I had..
and did all I knew to do...
it was enough!


  1. handled that so well..what a wonderful mom you are! I remember when I got was "just shut up and wear them" and that was it. No understanding, no validation, nothing like that..and it's so important. She's a lucky girl.


  2. I loved your last line, it brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Amazing Deb. Love your blog and have a special gift for her.