Friday, August 28, 2009

the hustle and bustle

There is NO doubt that being a single mom of three...
is busy!
That is NO doubt that being a full time working mom
is busy!

This week has been hit and miss!
First week back at work and school..
some things work..
and some things not so much!
I am learning that in some things I must cut corners!
eating at school for example..
or simple lunches VS hot ones...

I have found one thing
that the time invested is SO worth it!
and I hope it a tradition we keep!

I get home about half an hour before my kids bus arrives ..
(I teach right up the road!)
I prepare a yummy,baked, hot, fresh snack every day!
Served with cold milk!!
Every day they sit and enjoy this snack..
and we chat!
I have their undivided attention..
they have mine..
we have always done the high/low game..
'best part of your day?' ' worst part of your day?'..
used to..
that happened in the car ride home..
now it happens around the table!
And this small thing..
this small investment of time..
has been a sanity saver this week!
SO, I might cut back in some things..
and cut corners in others..
and realize I am not super mom..
but in this..
I will persevere..
and enjoy my moments
that will one day become my memories..
and my children's memories too!


  1. I love your new tradition. What kind of snacks are you making?

  2. aawww... that is nice! have a happy weekend!

  3. Tiff- so far, cookies and the big, hot pretzels! I THINK I will do chips and dip some days...fruit platters some days..and lots and lots of cookies!!lol!:)

  4. Cookies are always good! These little things are what they will remember the most!