Saturday, August 15, 2009

The best day..

I had the best day with my kids on Saturday!!
really the best!!
So simple..
so fun!
Star wars a library...
then lunch...
and then thanks to the blessing of a friend..
we stopped at an outlet center..
a touristy one..
fun stores..
and we did some back to school shopping!
We walked and laughed..
looked in stores...
shopped a little for needed things..
and then stopped in a little coffee shop..
a novelty coffee shop!
I got the kids their own chocolate bar (British chocolate, my favorite!)
and a soda in a bottle each!!!
They were so excited..
such a fun treat!!
and as we walked...
and enjoyed our time,
I realized I was REALLY enjoying my time!
NOT just being a 'good' mom...
but really happy to be with my kids..
not because they are my blood..
but because I like them, enjoy them, ....

I also see how light I feel these days..
how my sadness these last 3 years
has been like a coat I always wore..
invisible to others..
and so a part of me I hardly noticed it..
and all of a sudden its not there!!
I am no longer carrying the burden..

I am happy...
I am glad to be exactly where I am...
I love my kids...
I like my kids...
and days like this
my world is beyond complete..
days like this
are the very foundation of my existence!!
they make every hour worked...
every moment of stress...
every tear cried...
every word of anger expressed..
and instead whats left is the beautiful silence
of complete and utter


  1. Sounds like the fog is starting to clear for you....good for happy and be blessed!

  2. slip it all off, let yourself shine through, burden-free..isn't it great to have peace?

    Your children sound fantastic!


  3. I'm so happy for you! You sound so great and happy and balanced. And I know firsthand how hard that is, so I'm extra happy for you!!!

  4. I loved the pictures you posted on FB. You did look genuinely happy. I love days like that with my kids!

  5. I'm glad you had such a good day! =)

  6. Glad you are so happy and had a good day.
    God Bless you and your family ~ Eddie

  7. Kids have amazing power, don't they? Glad you enjoyed your day.

  8. It sounds like it was a wonderful day and lots of fun. I'm glad you are feeling like the sadness is really gone and enjoying just being who you are.