Tuesday, August 11, 2009

making family ..family!

I feel like I have FINALLY taken back my family..
and re staked my claim in my home!
I think it is normal in the wake of a divorce
for family time..
to suffer!
Its hard to go from planning for 2 adults 3 kids..
to 1 adult 3 kids!
For me, in the past, movies nights and games nights
were extra special
and geared to us ALL(meaning dad too)!
Now, I am us ALL!
and so, I am learning
to create the family moments!
It started with a vacation..
but is actually so much more detailed!
I sat with the kids..
asked them what they need...
they want what we used to have!
They don't expect any longer..
or ask anymore..
for it to be their dad and I!
They want the 'structure'
that was a part of their routine!
They want the game night..
and the movie night!
They want me to read to them..
and to do devotions at the table!
For them too,
they have accepted reality!
They are not dwelling in the past..
they still want what they had!
And they are satisfied
that family, within our home, consists of me and them
and so..
I am back!!:)
I am living for them..
and living with them!
I am creating moments
knowing they will grow so fast!
I am giving them my time..
because they want that most of all!
and the feeling of completeness we all have..
makes every moment spent with them
priceless beyond measure!


  1. You are a great Mom, Deb. Your children are fortnate to have you. YOU being their everything "ain't such a bad thing."

  2. You are on the right track! That's what it's all about.

  3. To echo the sentiments of those before me, you are on the right track. Keep it up. =)