Friday, August 7, 2009

new direction....

when I started this blog
it served as my journal!
As I have written I have come to see
that it actually reflects my journey...
And now I am at a place in my journey
in which my focus has changed!

I had to heal from the hurt..
and say goodbye to the past!
I feel that I have done that!
I understand that our past lives in us always...
but we can choose to dwell in it..
or just allow it to dwell in us!

And when the dust settles..
I am now focused on the primary relationships in my life..
my children..
and my primary role ; mom!
I would like to take my blog in a new direction
and begin to focus on how this part of the journey
can be positive and whole!
The negative and sadness behind me..
the future holds only hope!!

I hope that as I move forward in this journal
and in this journey..
I can reflect the lessons learn t
while still learning from others..
I hope that I can impart hope
from steps taken..
and receive encouragement from those who have walked this road before..

This next step in my life..journal ..and journey
will be focused on why and how
my relationship with my ex works,
why and how
being a single mom can be the hardest
BUT also the most rewarding role ever..
and why and how
the lessons learnt were worth the tears...
and the future gained worth the pain...

heres to walking forward with hope
and a positive new direction!!!!

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  1. know you've gotten through when there's nothing left to talk about! I look forward to the next steps!