Sunday, April 5, 2009

the healing in sharing...

Each day bring new health
and new hurts
and new healing!

Today the healing came
in the form
of a friend.
She has been where I am!
And she came out of it stronger!
and while she is no longer there...
she is not rushing me out of it!

I am sometimes struck
that people see 'single'
as a temporary place of being...
a place that should be remedied and fixed!
and yet 'single' is exactly where I need to be!

I need to be single and healthy
before I can even consider
'coupled' and healthy!
In truth I have yet to experience either.

And until I know why
I was so accepting of the 'iffy'
in my 'coupled' days..
I cannot trust that I am healthy enough
to not repeat the past!

So today..
being with a heart sister
who has walked my path,
shared my journey,
taken a different path
but still believes I am exactly where I need to be.
was encouraging, healing, motivating...
a calgon bath for my heart!!

My step is lighter
and all I needed
was to talk soul to soul
with a woman who has worn
the very shoes
that are currently on my feet!


  1. a calgon bath for my heart...what a great line!

    Yes. Single is perfectly fine and often optimal. It's like when I became single I had all these friends who wanted me to "party" and I said "I didnt' leave my husband to go party, I need to party less because now I have these children going through a terrible time. I didn't need to be out meeting guys etc.

    It's nice to find understanding.


  2. Very cool that you have someone to talk to who has been in your shoes. I'm in the situation where nearly everyone I know is married (and of course, when I was married, everyone was single!).

  3. You will become one of the wisest woman on earth if you stay in this mindset.

    Enjoy your life NOW. All the lessons are for today, not just tomorrow.

  4. That is wonderful and I agree with Sherri above, you are gaining so much wisdom as you walk this walk. I know God has great plans for you to help other women through divorce.

  5. Very beautiful. Happy Monday!