Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jumping with both feet??

I do tend to be an all or nothing
I also tend to take an idea
and run with it...
then sit down and think it through...
I have shared my learning to be alone..
I have never been alone..
1st night away from home..
was at the age of 18..
in the home of my new husband!
Alone is new...

This weekend I went to the beach for a few
hours alone...

and in my true nature of jumping
with both feet..
today I booked a vacation ALONE!!!
To another state....
5 days....
horse riding and books...
thats all I will do..
I will know no one...
I will completely and utterly
By my self!!
in a new place..
doing a new thing...
(can't ride horses in case you wondered!)
and yet I feel such excitement
and such peace!!

I guess jumping in the deep end
is truelly the only way to learn!


  1. I happened to be online when you posted, that is why I am so quick.
    I too was married at 18 and moved out of my parents and in with my now ex husband. I didn't know how to be alone either. Now I cherish it.
    Most recently I tested myself by something as simple as eating out at a restaurant alone. I used to worry about people watching me and thinking how pathetic I am/was. Now, I have the confidence that if they are, I dont care.
    Cant wait to hear about your trip. I am deathly afraid of horses myself.
    I think that you are very brave to take off on your own and yet, I think it is a terrific idea. You are going to have a blast!

  2. Woohoo!! You are gonna have so much fun! You rock.

  3. Good for you!!! And brave, too, to do something you've never, ever done! I'm proud of you!

    I feel like I'm alone a lot. A lot. I'm good at it and don't mind it. And I think it's good for me... sometimes. Sometimes, not so much.

    But your vacation alone sounds heavenly. I need one like that very soon...

  4. Debbie, Good for you!

    I have come to covet my alone time and please don't feel guilty. You NEED it. I love to spend time alone. It's when I have a chance to think and ponder and pray and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I think single moms need it...

    And I love that you can go to a restaurant and order by yourself. You are on your way!!!

  5. That sounds wonderful! I would love a vacation alone, with books. You are growing by leaps and bounds and it is a blessing to see.

  6. Sounds good to me! I think it's a great treat to be able to get away solo. Have a great time!

  7. Alone time is great! A lot of people don't know how to spend time with themselves. It takes learning. But it's the only way to find out who you are, what you want, and how to still the mind. Horses and books sounds great!

  8. Jumping in the deep end is often the best and most effective way to learn.