Thursday, April 30, 2009

too tired to think....?

I am in that place...
the bone weary,
need to cry..
exhausted place!

I know that it is not unique to single moms..or dads..
I know as a full time stay at home mom..
I was often wiped beyond description!

Right now...
I am so tired!!
and trying to balance what needs to be balanced
and learn what to ignore...
I can't do it all!!

By day,
I teach 2 year olds...
I love my job!!
But, nine 2 year olds can be a teensy bit..
Then I pick my 3 children up..
ages 11,9 and 7..
Then after an hour at home..
to do homework..
I head out again, with them in tow..
to teach survival swimming
to children ages 1-6..
Then home for dinner..
time with MY own kids...
caring for all the pets:)
baths, bed, dishes, you know the drill!

Tonight before heading out for the 2nd part of my work day.
my 3 children lay relaxing on the couch..
they had done their homework,
put away shoes and backpacks...
and taken care of their own animals...
I looked in the girls room...
drawers were open,
clothes half in...
light was on..
bed unmade..
and I....
Shut the door and looked the other way!!

Its too much!
I honestly don't know how to find the hours..
to do ALL the correction ALL the time..
and how to find the energy to care
if the DRAWER is left open!
They get great grades, are great kids...
cook meals...
are kind (except to eachother LOL)
in fact the principal called me
and their dad
to tell us
how great son is doing
in middle school..
how respectful, ect...

So, can't I let some stuff go??
and of so what? when??
how do you find
the balance??
How do you know what you make time for ..
and what you just can't??

Just another part of the learning curve I guess..
But I would like to hear how you do it.....


  1. Oh darlin', you will learn which battles to fight and those from which to retreat. It takes time. It sounds like you're doing a great job... good kids, good grades, kind... that's actually a great job! Messy rooms? Well, they'll still be messy tomorrow and they can be taken care of over the weekend. Sit down, put the kettle on, and take it easy. You deserve YOU time and don't forget it!!

  2. It so funny that you just wrote this... I just booked my own vacation by myself. Damn... first one like that.

  3. messy drawers? they're not going anywhere, they'll still be messy move ever, closing that the grand scheme of's insignificant. Coach dad has the idea..a vacation alone! I would love that..well I might take my husband, he's self-cleaning and cute to boot but to have time not to be in demand..heaven.

    I saw a notice for an event today. It's a charity event for the spca and it's about a 45 minute drive but there will be yoga demonstrations and nia and belly dancing, all things I love. $25 and I'm going alone, a worthy cause and me time all rolled into one!

    Don't forget to breathe and go quiet sometimes too!


  4. I will write a post about my trip

  5. honestly, sometimes you just dont have the energy and the little things like clothes not in a drawer, are fine to let go.
    The important thing is the time with the kids, which I also didn't have time for on occasion doe to school, work and events of my own.

    Dont beat yourself up! i still dont make the beds