Saturday, April 25, 2009

this 'distraction' really worked...

we had our first visiting day with the cats...
The kittens were meant to be a distraction
from all the changes and uncertainty
in the lives of the children!
I know they don't 'fix ' it..
but they do remind them that all change is not bad!!

It was a really fun day..
the cats are adorable..
BUT so mischievous!!
I forgot!!
Kittens are like tiny two year olds....
and these little guys are still really small...
which is why we are 'visiting'
not yet keeping them...

I rescued them from INSIDE the couch
and we followed them around closely
after that!!!
Thankfully they sleep alot!!
Lots of cuddles..

I had to run my son somewhere..
kittens had to be left home..
30 minutes max!
So I secured the bathroom..
and left them with a shut escape!
I come home...
opened the still shut door,
Not in the tub..
not halfway up the shower curtain..
not in the cabinets!
as you can imagine my daughters
and I did not know what to think....
and in exasperation we were silent...
and heard
coming from the

The kittens had found a tiny space
between the cabinet and the underneath baseboard
and climbed in to the space
between the cabinet and the wall!!!

I have only recently learnt
how to put oil in my car..
and still don't know the names
of the different screwdrivers!!
Handy work OF any kind
is not exactly my strength!!
I panicked...
a little..
OK alot!!
with my hands I took the baseboard off..
and managed to fit my arm in the tiny space
and drag those little hissing bundles of trouble
out of the wall!!

They were fine..
Kind of crabby that I interrupted their fun!!
Still cute as can be!!

first day!!
can't even imagine what the next visiting day
will bring!!! :)
But whatever it is..
can't wait!


  1. ok..I'm laughing at your predicament here...hissing bundles of trouble...yep adorable comes with a

    Those cats will be great for the kids. My 5 year old carries our(very fat and lazy) cat all over the place, they are such good friends.

    When do you get to keep them?


  2. oh wow! I am handy and I almost wouldnt know what to do with kittens in a wall... good thing you figured it out!
    But so much fun.

  3. Good job rescuing the cats! Who would've thought they could get into a wall?!