Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Names and family pictures!!

Well, we are just a a week away
from bringing our new family members home!
We do get to visit often tho!!

I also figured I would take this chance
to introduce my family..
my heart beats...
often my reason and purpose;
for overcoming, surviving and thriving in spite of circumstances!

This is my Son....I am deeply proud of his tender heart!! He has such a sweet spirit! These are my girls... They are both gentle and spicy in their own ways! My middle daughter is such a help to me!! and very much like me... my youngest daughter is all sass and smiles! I am deeply blessed!!
And then there are the twins...
who now have names...
thanks to Diane!!!!!!
Gilligan and Skipper!!
Thanks for being a part
of the fun...
the start of the journey..
and the beginning of whats to come .......


  1. They are absolutely beautiful kids!!!!

    And YAY about Gilligan and Skipper! I can't wait to see them grow in pics :)

  2. Great pics of your kids and the kittens! Gilligan and Skipper are cute names. Almost as good as Edward and Jacob. :0)

  3. You and your kids are adorable!

  4. You are a BEAUTIFUL bunch!
    Really. Strikingly beautiful!

    Love the names for the babies!

  5. Wow! What beautiful people..I mean seriously gorgeous mom and kids! And kittens. I love Gilligan and Skipper...that's perfect!


  6. beautiful family! I love those names too... funny pair!

  7. Awesome family Debbie and it looks like you've got some adorable kitties to add to it. I always got cats in pairs...it's more fun that way!

  8. Gentle and spicy - what a great description! Like my daughter... :-)