Sunday, April 12, 2009

why blog??

I am using my blog as a journal..
its personal and open
in every way!
I do not always explain the circumstance behind each post..
but I am writing for me
more than others.
I am writing to find healing
and health!
BUT I also write knowing
there are others
there are others
who cannot tell each person they meet
why there circumstances are what they are..
or how much they believed things would be different!
There are others whose worlds
were turned upside down..
and others who have experienced
a prison within a home...
There are others whose hearts
have been broken by lost love..
and still others whose soul has been wounded
by very real fear...
and so I write
to share my journey
for me...
a way to sort out my thoughts
and emotions...
and a way to learn from those who comment and have been there too..
and I write for those
who need the healing also..
who need to know they are not alone..
who need to hear from someone
who knows what it is to fall hard..
and far..
and to crawl back
only to loose your grip
and to fall once more..
this time harder, further
causing more damage
to an already bruised heart!
I write to learn..
and I write to share..
and as I write
I have come to see
how healing the simple act
of journaling is.
its a small step
for one whose hurting..
but its a step that will bring about
the greatest strength
and reflection.
I blog...
because I care..
I blog..
because I need to know you care too...


  1. I blog for many of the same reasons- and yes, it's always nice to know that people care.

  2. as long as you get something out of blogging, thats all that matters

  3. I blog for many of the same resons too. It's been a very valuable part of my life. It's been tough lately since there is someone so determined to take it away and turn it negative. One thing I had of my own that made me happy has now been abused and exploited. Ugh.

  4. Thank you for blogging and sharing your life with us. Sometimes sharing our hearts does help others.

  5. This was beautiful. I'm so glad you blog... and that you comment! xo