Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Glad we can all laugh...

My kids tonight had a group counseling meeting..
I had a support meeting at the same time.

When we all meet back up
we have so much to say!

Tonight they wanted to know would I marry again?
I don't know!
Can't say no, tho!"

My son says
"well, its ok if you do, I just would like to have a few words with him first."
"Well, of course guys!!" I say
They all then tell me what they would say,
how their mom should be treated
and what they will stand for,
and what they will not!
(very cute actually.)

So, I say,
" you guys do not need to fear. Mom has learnt alot,
and you guys will get to speak your mind too! you will have
power in this and a say."
I went on..
" when I come to you and say, I have met some one I like.."
My 9 year old says " when you say you've met 'the one?'"..
(hold on ..its coming...)
She then said (in a cutesy, sassy 9 yo voice) " although It would not be the first 'the one',
or the second 'the one',
it would be the third 'the one'..."
Ok..she had me... it was funny!
We all laughed!

Am I really getting ribbing from my 9 yo???
Yup...and it felt good!:)


  1. Cute. I'm glad you all have counseling to work through this.
    Nothing like putting you on the spot!

  2. yep, many 'ones' are there ?

  3. Your kids are adorable.

  4. That is really funny! It is healthy that she can joke with you, you have obviously built an open relationship with her.