Wednesday, July 13, 2011

communication blunders...

So getting to know
someone knew,
means learning how
to communicate.

Something I have not
in a healthy way..
in either of my marriages.

So now...
I am trying to communicate;

and yet instead;
I am nervous,
tongue tied
and shy..

I say what I mean
in too many words..
he thinks he hears
what I mean
and yet is confused.

Part of the problem;

I do not know
what I want!

I am not sure what works.

If I knew;
I would
still be married..
I would NOT be
dating again.

so, how do I
what I hope for
or want?
when I am afraid that if
I get it..
I will regret asking.

The fact that I care
is a good sign..
the fact that I trip on the words
a reflection
of the balance,
versus control-
I feel in this new relationship.

I am strong..
and I can be tough..
but I am not the only one
steering this ship.

all good..
but gracious...
I need script..please!!!:)


  1. I think we all experience times when a "life's script" would come in handy.
    Just be honest and say what you want.
    Good luck

  2. Love this post - we may be separated by a big ocean but it does seem that we are on the same voyage!