Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I get it!!!

Being alone
are NOT mutually exclusive!!

Why have I found
dating hard?
because there is
no security
in the beginning!
will you have plans?
or not?
that evening without kids..
will you spend it with 'him'
or alone?
Should you make plans with friends..
or will he call?

When I was not dating...
I had no problem
making plans
for me..
or with friends!
Now dating-
I can put life on hold..
just in case!
I find myself restless
as if there is a better option
and I am missing out!
as if there is
'all or nothing'
dating button!
and then I GOT IT!
no! NO! no!

I need to continue to enjoy
being alone!
I need to plan my time
as before..
I need to go see the movies
I like..
and get my thai food!
plan my nights with friends...
I need to be content alone!
I need to spend the time I can
with the one I am getting
to know!
I need to be available
if possible!
I need to invest in the newness...
I need to date!

As soon as I try
and do one or the other..
either possibility
can bring about frustration
and disappointment!
When I understand
that in the dating process
you are still alone...
I look at life differently!
I still look to me
to create the fulfillment..
rather then waiting on another!

I shall put effort
into enjoying both!
Fulfilled when with another-
fulfilled when alone..
understanding that to survive
I must be able to do both!


  1. Yep, you summed it up pretty well. One needs to remember to keep a balance in their life in order to have a successful relationship.

  2. It took me longer than you to get that. Now I don't put myself on hold for anyone - I make plans and figure there's always time ahead of us with someone new.

  3. What a great point. I do the same as you described. Feeling tossed between making time for him and making time for yourself...such a great idea.

  4. Not a soccer mom- now that I get it..the key is implementing it!!! a work in progress!!!

  5. Wow! What a great "Aha!" moment for you! I think this makes TERRIFIC sense! Congratulations on what looks a tremendous breakthrough!!

  6. A work in progress - that just about sums me up as well!

  7. oh so now it does let me! grrrrrr even more. so, i understand this completely as you probably know by now.. and get this? because of my post today, i got an AWESOME comment from "anonymous" calling me a whore. isn't that just fabulous?? sarcasm. praying for you. xo.


  8. Yes!! Live your life and live it to it's fullest! Wait for nothing to come along. That makes for a lonely, solitary life. You definitely don't want that!!
    Onward and upward!

  9. i have this problem. do you ever plan something and then, while do whatever you plan was, SOS calls or texts and wants to get together? i always feel torn. i don't think i was cut out for dating.