Friday, July 22, 2011

complicated world..or complicated me?

not for the first time in my life..
or the second..
or honestly even the 3rd..
I have been accused
of making something complicated-
that did not need to be!

I am starting to see
a pattern here!!

Its true..
I over think..
I over analyze..
I over worry...
I over talk...
and I over estimate!

That does not mean
the people who
do this 'suggesting'
of my complicated self;
are perfect!
or close..
or even always that nice..
just sayin!

But, it means
that if I am honest with myself-
I will see that they are right!

And so..
today starts a new day!
As will tomorrow
and the day after that!

and my goal?
go with the flow..
stop worrying
that a new relationship
will turn into a marriage..
or not!
Stop looking for every issue
to see if I can live like
that forever..

I shall decide for today!
and than tomorrow
I shall decide again..
until I am not deciding..
because I know!

or think I know..
or maybe do not know..
its so much easier than it sounds....


  1. One thing I love about blogging is the connection it brings with people who are, or who have, experienced the same things that you are going through.

    Thank you for this blog.

  2. Spencer..some of my dearest friends are bloggers..that I have yet to meet!.. its true..when you pour your heart out on paper, you connect with others doing the same! I love blogging!!!!:)

  3. Yes! Just go with the flow. Enjoy the relationship for what it is...two people having fun day at a time. No future plans...just today!!

  4. Yes, similar feelings here too.
    We just have to live life like we did before the hurts, and pain... before we knew it could hurt. You are so strong - it seems

  5. Oh...! I don't know why I am feeling identified with you! I will start reading you! ;-) good luck!