Saturday, July 9, 2011

oh the games....

its a game!
no rules-
no winners-
several chances
to get it right
or mess it up..
a game.

When the phone
does not ring
when expected..
I think:
"if he does not call by 10:00 I am done!"...
"if that phone does not ring by 10:10 its over!"
"10:20 is my final offer!!"....
10:25 the phone rings,
I pick it up and sweetly say:
as if I am totally surprised my phone rang!
a game!!!:)

the only way to enjoy
the game
is to know...
sure, you might get hurt!
sure, you might hurt someone else...
but, no matter the outcome-
you will be OK!
You have been OK before..
and you can be OK again!!

If that is not there..
the game becomes about desperation..
the stakes get to high!

I am willing to roll the dice
and make a bet or 2...
I am willing to take a chance
on the least likely outcome...
I can take the risk
on a lucky hunch...
because I won this game
when I learned that playing it
is my CHOICE!


  1. You know Debbie - you make me wish I lived in America! I just love your attitude - perhaps because your words help me at this time.

  2. So true, it can be a game. As long as you are confident in yourself (as you describe). It is more of an adventure than a game. You know, you too can be too busy to answer :)

  3. I think when you finally meet someone who makes you feel like it is not a "game" it makes it all worth it.

  4. Spencer- that made me smile!
    Not a soccer mom- VERY true!!
    Crystan Lynn- agreed..I am sure!at least i will let you know...:)

  5. It sure does seem like a game...a game of chance!! Ha! Nerve racking and nail biting...lots of waiting! And did I mention I hate to wait??!! Sigh!!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    It's been a long time, Glad you're well. Remember, Russian Roulette is a game too! :)

  7. Sue ann- yes..waiting is hard for me too!
    STEVE!! hey stranger!!!:) I think Russian roulette is safer..just sayin!