Monday, July 25, 2011

My funk....

It happens...

to much going on..
to little going on...
to many emotions-
not enough time-
not enough money-
Its called life!

Most of the time
I love my life...
every now and then
I get over it!

Add to the normal situations
the new dynamics of dating..
and it seems a recipe for disaster!

and yet..
it really is up to me!!
I can allow it all to get to me-
as I have!
Or I can let it go..
or at least un clutter my head
to leave some room to deal with it all!

Its not easy
to just let life happen..
and sometimes
its more then you bargain for..
letting life consume you
is no better!

and so..
I face and know;
that the stress of being the bread winner
is just that.. stress!
The stress of going back to school
is just that...stress!
The stress of raising three kids
is just that...stress!
and the stress of dating..
yes! more stress...

But, life??
is good!!
Life is mine!
and all of the above
is still what I allow it to be!!


  1. Oh boy, I understand the emotions.
    And you are correct, positive thinking is the best way. hugs

  2. Me three! Isn't it great to post and get it out there plus know you are not alone?