Sunday, July 17, 2011

A speed bump..or a stop sign!

dating is hard!
There is NO way around it!
do you open up?
or hold back?
are they who they say?
how will you know?

It seems I have hit a speed bump
in the new place I was..
Why is not important!
But, the fact that it is there..
and will definitely slow things down,
and most likely stop things all together-
has gotten me to thinking!

When I started dating,
it was impulsive!
I had waited so long...
and said no so often!
and than..a yes!
and it was not perfect..
but, it started to fit..

I had never really defined
what I wanted!
I was not really sure!
I have decided
no matter what happens now-
to define
the qualities that matter:

The things I will look for
and notice when absent!
the things I can live without..
and the things I cannot!

Compromise is imperative,
flexibility a must..
but, accepting the unacceptable..
is... well..unacceptable!

How do you know
until you go through it!?
That's part of the process
and in moments it stinks!
But, if I learn..
if the relationship lasts
and is better for it-
if it does not,
but I am..
the process is worth
the very literal pain!


  1. Sorry to hear it is getting hard. But dating is just that- dating. Getting to know each other, so that we will know if it is going to work or if it is a step of learning on the way to true love once again. Good luck Debbie

  2. i know. oh man, i know. sometimes i think that the -literal- pain isn't even worth it. maybe being single forever is easier. hang in there. i hope it works.


  4. It's never going to be easy but the things that are worthwhile never are. Good luck :)

  5. It is hard...I'm the same way because it's really hard to for me to say what I want, even if I know it in my head. I don't pursue dating, so I end up dating by happenstance. I find myself in a situation now where we've really clicked but the obstacles in the way seem insurmountable, so I am taking it one thing at a time and not planning ahead too far... which is super hard... I'm a dreamer and a planner!