Friday, July 1, 2011

Past, Present, Forgiveness and letting go...

I have entered a new stage
in my life...
I am no longer as closed and fearful..
I am reserved and cautious,
but finally ready
to move on...

Not just with dating,
also with friends.
I have begun to focus more
on the friends
I have had..
and friends I have just met!
I am allowing myself
to go on dates...
I am also letting
go of the past!
Again, not just with past love
but also past friends.

Not every relationship
I have had..
has survived
the rocky road!
Some that I thought
would be resilient
have dissipated like dust..
some that I assumed
were circumstantial;
have proven to be
bound by ties to strong
to break.

I am ready to say goodbye
to the friendships
that did not make it..
the loves left in my past..
the dreams that were once
and instead embrace
who I am...
where I am...
and those still walking
this journey along side me.

New friends
and old..
first dates
and second...
Fresh starts
with a weathered perspective.

A new season..
a new, while rusty, me!


  1. Love this Deb. SO many levels of letting go. Love you...through EVERYTHING!

  2. You have...always..! Ours are a bond that cannot be broken.

  3. We all weather the scars of moving on, being rusty is fabulous, nobody is squeaky clean. Have fun in your new adventures :)