Monday, July 11, 2011

I am smiling a lot...

so 3 weeks in...
Dating one person..
not serious...
still figuring each other out..
but not really casual either!
Just dating!

I am not as fearful
of breaking a rule..
I am reading less into
late calls
or missed texts...
I am accepting more
of the good..
and feeling more comfortable
not just in my skin..
but also with in this new stage.
the game is becoming

My favorite part-
is the reaction of friends.
The jaw dropping response
when I mention
"I am seeing someone"..
that part makes me laugh!
but, admittedly
I was determined not to get to this place..
until I wanted to be exactly here!
I can see that those around me
thought it might never happen.

I have no allusions.
I know that what is to come
may not look anything like
what is now...
and I also know,
it might look better..

I just know that in this moment
I smile..
and I feel excited...
and I am FINALLY enjoying
the process!
and ready to see
what might come...


  1. YAY! This made ME smile big too! :)

    Enjoy every single moment.

  2. i just got your comment on my blog (bounce back)! my real blog is follow me!!

    and i'm happy for you! i hope i get to that place soon. :) you deserve it.

  3. Fun. Three weeks is still the get to know you stage. Take it slow and just enjoy the company of another and let him enjoy yours. No reason to read anything into it as you said. So happy for you.

  4. Enjoy the moment and take it slow. You deserve the happinest!

  5. Enjoy it! I hope that it becomes all, and more, then you could possibly hope for.