Monday, July 18, 2011

What a girl wants..

So here is my list;

1) a man that shares my faith
2)a man that has kids or completely respects that I do, and understands all that entails.
3)a man with a stable income and rewarding job
4)a man who makes me laugh
5)a man that is flexible
6)a man that makes me feel valuable to him
7)a man that does not see the need to drink excessively with friends often if at all
8)a man who watches his language around me
9)a man that makes me feel safe
10)a man who respects who I am, even if he does not share all my quirks
11)a man who will communicate in good times and bad
12)a man I am attracted to
13)a man that makes me feel attractive
14)a man who knows who he is and is comfortable in his own skin
15)a man who accepts and understands the demands in my life
16)a man who embraces my love for my family
17)a man who encourages my time with friends
18)a man who has his own healthy hobbies
19)a man who smiles easily
20)a man who handles his stress appropriately
21)a man who is respectful to those around him
22)a man who treats his mother kindly
23)a man who understands and accepts the back seat role he will have with my kids.
24)a man who likes being a man
25)a man who likes, or accepts with kindness, animals
26)a man who wants a balanced partnership
27)a man who will allow me to talk things out when I feel hurt
28)a man who will not keep me guessing
29)a man who will be faithful
30)a man who will enhance my life emotionally, and allow me to do the same to him.

I may not find the one man
who encompasses all of this..
but someone will have
more of these qualities than less...
Some of these are less then vital..
Some I cannot live without...
And maybe in time the list will grow-
or shrink!
but, I am learning as I go.


  1. Sounds reasonable. When I make lists like this I put myself in their shoes and wonder, would I do the same for them? :)

  2. right! And yes! I think thats what I am learning..I date as I am..treat people as I will 5 months from now..5 years from now. Not everyone seems to do this. And I agree, everything I want is what I would do in return.

  3. i think i'll post one of these as well.. because well, my list is long and detailed :)

  4. let me know when you find him, and ask if he has a brother :)

  5. Wonderful list and not too much to ask at all!!
    He is out there...I just know it!

  6. A great list and definitely not too much to ask!

  7. It is such a shame I (err, I mean he) lives this side of the atlantic! ;)