Thursday, February 19, 2009


What defines a family?
It is the core group, the extended group?
it is what is or what we wish was?
Family for me is my kids!! and my parents! and my sisters!!
But its mostly my kids..
oh..and the dog!! He counts!!
For my is so often what they hope for versus what they have!
Tonight they decided we all need a vacation!
I am not always on the same page with my children!
There is that generational gap going on..
but in this I agree!!
Yes, we need a vacation!
So..they decide ...
A disney cruise!
Nice dream...
and they decide they will pay for it!
They also estimate it will cost about a million dollars!
Might take them until the summer to save up!:)
and then they say
"we will go as a family"
One says , what about....and mentions other family...
My son says
"No, just the four of us! Just our family!"
That was worth a million dollars!
He was not wistful, sad, resentful or angry!
He was accepting and excited about us...
our little family of four..
and the dream of 'our' one day vacation!


  1. "Just the 4 of us..." See, you're doing a GREAT job!

  2. That is really sweet and must have been a balm to your heart to hear him accepting and embracing that the four of you are a family. Even choked me up a little!

  3. I've been there in the single parent role and yes, it certainly is family! Nice blog. I love the sweet things little ones say that show they feel and understand! Great post!

  4. don't you just love the hope in the hearts of children!