Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am soooo not funny..but so glad others are!

I have so enjoyed reading the blogs of friends, and new friends and future friends..(and strangers, some who will probably remain that way!)LOL! I am amazed at the way people use this format to express who they are! And I am equally amazed at how funny and humorous so many of these 'bloggers' are! And I have come to realise;
I am so not funny!
And I am Ok with that!
I think my friends find me funny in my zaniness..I find life funny, I laugh alot at the dysfunctional reality I find myself in. My children make me laugh..and cry! I love funny movies and laugh at cute jokes..
But when i put pen to paper what comes out is so deep and raw!
So, in the moments I need lightness it will not be my blog I read...but it might be yours!!
So, glad to find so many sweet, light hearted, deep, moving and FUNNY writers willing to share their hearts and thoughts...and change the direction of my day!


  1. Interesting...I never thought of this about you. I guess we are all different. I wouldn't call you funny either. Not that you are lame at it, lol, just that it is not an adjective one things of when they think of you. Here are the adjectives I think of when I think of you.

    Full of Promise
    yet wise

  2. What a great post! Glad you are here...looking forward to what you have to offer. Looks like a lot!

  3. there are different kinds of funny... I don't know that I hit any of them myself! But I do know I enjoy reading what you have to say!