Thursday, February 26, 2009

strange side effect of being single..

I was having drinks with a friend tonight...
rehashing the whole sordid story..
(we have been out of touch for , um, like 3 years..)
Anyway, i remembered something I promised myself I would never forget.
It was something i did not expect and was completely unprepared for
when finding myself single first go round...

and that was..
the way my 'married' friends treated me around their husbands.
As if..all of a sudden I would become a flirty, loose, throw myself at any breathing man; woman...
now, that i was no longer married!

If I wasn't so offended I would have laughed
and now I am not so offended so I do laugh.

I am not sure they meant to do it...
and certainly it was not all my friends...
but most certainly i was no longer ' as safe' as I was before....

Tonight i remembered and hope not to forget again...
because at the time I thought
" why didn't anyone warn me?"

I have always wondered if I had known more of what to expect..
would I have been better prepared?
or when you are thrown for a loop do you throw the manual out anyway??

I might never know for me...
but at least i might remember in case anyone ever asks.....


  1. Hmm...I have not encountered this yet.

    Strange, because I am a flirty loose, throw myself at a breathing man woman.

    LOL j/k :)

  2. It's been too long since I was single and since I was the first of friends to marry I can't speak to this one.

    I can see it happening though. Just like the friends without kids who call at 9 pm to ask if we want to meet them for dinner. My kids are already in bed and I'm usually in my pj's by then :) Friends that are not in the same place as us tend to slide out of the picture after awhile.

  3. Seriously? That is a bummer - because I never experienced that.

  4. Wow, Deb. Really? I can imagine feeling offended...and confused by this type of reaction coming from someone who was suppose to be a friend. I would think that speaks volumes to your relationship with them and their own personal insecurities.

    I'm sorry!

  5. I experienced it. Strange isn't it? As if that piece of paper ever stopped anyone who would go after other people's husbands from stepping on their own husband to do so...wierd thing but I noticed it in two different couples I knew well.

    I chalked it up to insecurity on their behalf and moved on but it is interesting