Friday, February 27, 2009

You know you need to get out more when....

your 3rd grade daughter says that a fellow classmate of hers, a boy she would not name,
said 'you (her mother) are hot!! '
and you say..........
" really?? who?? what did they say??"...
can you say GET A LIFE!! :)
ha ha!!

The funniest part is the response of my 3rd grader , to this un-named boy:
" you have got to be kidding me!!"...
boy, did that bring me down a few pegs!!!
She went on to tell me how she said to this boy who shan't be named..
"ooohhh ... you said my mother is hot and she is like THIRTY FIVE". now I wish she had just kept the story to herself!! ;)

Actually the whole thing made me laugh..the joys of kids...and the memories being made that will never be forgotten!! ......

Altho, since I am , like, 'THIRTY FIVE' memory loss might actually be just around the corner.....


  1. That is priceless. Kids say some things that just make you go 'okay...'

    Happy 35! Hope you don't lose that memory, lol!

  2. haha...I can totally relate...except my daughter's friends are teen boys so a little boys of all ages will be boys.

    On a different note, I read your post on my blog and what you said to your dad is exactly's you who gets to decide if you are happy..and that comment about being FREE I can so relate to. I remember sitting in my OWN tiny little apartment with my two oldest kids safely asleep, watching tv, the phone rings, it's my very nasty, angry ex. husband. I turn the ringer off and breathe...freedom rocks! Now I have a new wonderful partner(8 years in May!) and it was the best thing I ever did, leaving my ex. The house is just bricks and mortar, your spirit is priceless! Good Luck!