Sunday, May 30, 2010

definition or direction

Does our past define us?
or does our past direct us?

The choice is ours!

Recently a friend who will soon
be in a place to counsel others,
shared her hurt!
she said to me ;
"how do I tell others to trust their spouse,
based on what I know can be?".
My response?
"You don't tell them to trust their spouse,
you tell them to trust themselves."

As I spoke the words
it resonated within me.
Often our hurts
are not only about the other person,
their choices and behavior.
Instead they are a reflection of us.
Did we accept the unacceptable?
Did we deny the reality?
Did we push the inevitable?
And did we trust what we knew to be?

If we trust ourselves,
we leave when we know we must!
we stay when we know we should.
we love because we believe in it,
and we trust because we choose too.
We know that what happens to us
will only be what we allow
and we accept that we are strong enough,
to make hard decisions if we have to.

The first step in learning to trust again...
starts within us!
When we trust our own intuition
and our motives
and convictions..
we can then trust another,
because we know that no matter what
THEY do with the trust we give them,
we will be OK!!...

I trust ME because to move forward;
I must!
I trust YOU because to move forward;
I can!


  1. All it is for me is the ability to trust that I will thrive..not matter what I's a leap of faith to trust another human..they are fallible and also they grow and change and move along, sometimes not in the direction we want...I am perfect without another...I am perfect with them.


  2. So true, we really must trust ourselves first otherwise if we rely on another person too much it is unsure if they'll stay the same as the way we've known them to be..

  3. I totally agree... although I couldn't have written it so fabulously!

  4. I guess I never thought about trusting per say...I just have the relationship that is comfortable and encouraging. Do I trust them or myself...good question. I guess right now, neither. I just "am" in the relationship and I feel relaxed about it.
    So the statement you made about trust is a good one. Must ponder this some more.

  5. Very powerful! I suppose trusting ourselves to make the right decisions will help lead us the right way.