Monday, May 3, 2010


I heard this recently;
"Some people come into our lives and simply go.
Some leave footprints on our heart and we are never, ever the same
It is so fitting
for the place I am.

Some of the footprints
left on my heart,
are made from scars..
they were left after pain and sadness
and they have forever changed
the texture of my soul.

some of the footprints
left on my heart
are gestures that remind me
how good people can be.
unexpected gifts and help..
words of encouragment,
simple blessings from unexpected people
that remind me that there is hope
and there is redemption..

some of the footprints
left on my heart
are left by those who love me..
who support me..
and who have been beside me
when life was good
and when life was not.
The footprints that shadow my own...

and then there are the footprints
that leave imprints
because you never know
what the end result might have been,
could have been,
or even should have been.
the 'what ifs' ,
the 'what might have been'
the 'wonder why's'....
the footprints that reach beyond our hearts
to our souls.
the foot prints that create our very
perceptions of who we are
and who we might have been....

all these footprints
become the connection
between our heart and soul
and the reality that is..

some are left silently
and some with words,
that penetrate our core.
but all shape us
and all become a part,
of who we are!


  1. I love that. I truly believe that all the experiences and relationships you have shape you. Good or bad, they all have meaning and should be honored just for that.

  2. I have found that when someone/anyone enters my life they leave a footprint.....some good, some bad but all have taught me important lessons........:-) Hugs

  3. So true and well said.

  4. So very true. Your words are beautiful.

  5. Yes, there are ripples and waves and prints all over this life of mine. The good, the bad, the seemingly inconsequential ... all melt together to form this person that I am. That's a good thing.

  6. Everyone leaves footprints. Some end up on our heart.

  7. Very insightful. And I like the term "soulprints."

  8. Beautiful post, but now I am going to ruin it. AKA baggage! In my case anyway. I like your version better and maybe if I think of things like that, I will view the world differently. So thanks!