Saturday, May 15, 2010

old hobbies

I toyed with the idea of on line dating
This is a bit crazy for me
as I did not go so well the first time around.
BUT, I feel 'ready' to move on,
and decided I was not going to meet anyone
while sitting on my couch on a Friday night.
UNLESS it was online, that is.

it was a failed experiment!

:) The idea lasted about a week
and EVERY single communication
was deleted...
so, I am either NOT cut out for this form of dating,
or not ready..
or both!

BUT, instead
I have been inspired to continue
the journey of finding me.
I have a new friend..
she is a kindred spirit..
she has more bizarre animals then I do:)..
she works full time
and has kids..
she has a plateFUL.
and yet she finds time for things I desire...
she has a green house,
she has chickens,
she grows spouts,
and juices.
She is 'me' in my heart and mind!:)
and being with her reminded me
that yes, life is a bit different..
and certainly I have a bit more to do..
but I can still follow my heart in areas
that matter!!

And so, instead of dating
I am very excited about my new project...
and more then the project
I am excited about finding the 'me'
that belonged in my old life.
Redefining the 'me'
who thought she was kicked out when work
moved in..

There should be balance..
there should be boundaries..
but there should not be limitations!

I feel like some of those 'walls'
have been removed.
I have been given the 'freedom'
to be as earthy as I want,
no matter what my life's duties entail..

It was a good day..:)
an inspiring day...


  1. Woohoo! Sounds terrific! I am a big fan of getting to know thyself! And being your own best friend. All important things that should be on the "must do" list!! So good for you

  2. HI, I just discovered your blog and I love it. I am new single mom of one boy. I am still kinda loss how to do things, but, at the same time I am getting used to it. I work full time and my son (9yrs. old) is very active with sport, so, my weekends are very busy, plus, church on Sundays. Glad to meet you and please come and visit me at my blog!

  3. "instead of dating I pick GARDENING!:" It's never to late to try something new...Either way you're still planting seeds.

    B/T/W I like the titles you choose for your blog posts.

    May God bless...

  4. This is great. It is good that you are ready to move on. It won't happen overnight and just because you decided to go online does not mean you will find the one there.
    Enjoy being you and your life will fall into place on its own. Gardening is great stress relief and who knows, maybe one of the people you share your garden bounty with may just be the one you are meant to meet