Thursday, May 20, 2010

The sad news I recieved Monday..

I am writing this on Monday night
but I won't be posting it for a few days...

My life has been tumbled around
once again...
I had a job I loved.
Doing something I was good at..
with co-workers I liked..
and children I adored!

Today I found out
that I no longer have a job!
The school I work at
has taken a blow
due to the economy we are all trying to survive in..
and is closing!

I am heart broken.
I know it will be OK!
I have faith that God has a plan!
I am not yet in a place of panic,
I am just in a place of sadness.

I am sad about loosing a part of my life..
I liked going to work with people I liked.
I liked being part of a small family.
I liked the parents of my little ones..
and I loved my little ones.
I had put some time into my job
and had shown my heart and dedication.
I was not just starting...
and now I shall be again.
That makes me sad.
I am sad about the feeling of loss..
I am sad about the loss of what I knew..
I am sad about this night
and being alone to hurt and cry!

I know this sadness will pass.
I also know I have overcome alot..
18 months ago,
I was fleeing my hell
without any sort of back up plan or education.
I was coming back to estranged friends,
and far a way family.
I was distant from the children's father,
I had no place to live
and did not know where I would go.
NOW I have some education.
I have many friends..
and the continued support of family.
The children's father and I
We have a place to live.
I am not alone.

This is a bump...
in a road that has had many hills
and valleys..
But, it is a bump I would have prefered to live without!
it is a journey I now embark on..
as a single, unemployed mom..
that I would have rather not lived
my own version of...!
It has shaken up my comfort,
and re-reminded me
that nothing is for sure.

It has also motivated me.

College cannot wait any longer...

Time to quit being comfortable
and start moving forward...
Good shall come,
it always does.
But before the good comes the tears..
so for now,
I shed tears..
and soon I shall see the good
that I believe in my core;
is yet to come!


  1. GIANT hugs.

    Wishing you well and much strength in this challenge. I have a feeling you will come out ahead and smiling!

  2. You are right in that when one door closes another one opens. With your situation, you might want to check out going back to school. There are MANY grants that are out there for a single mother. Talk to the finanical aide people at your local college (even if that's not where you want to go, they'll still give you the info). Doesn't hurt to talk.

  3. I am SO sorry. My thoughts are definitely with you.

  4. popped over from Dianne's...sorry to hear about your job...been supporting the fam on part time jobs myself for the last 14 months...sounds like you have the right attitude though and it is motivating you toward good things...

  5. We are just heartbroken over Blue Lake closing as well. You have been on my heart all day. I am grateful God has given you a desire and a plan. We'll be praying for you guys. He is faithful!

  6. Sorry about the job. College is the way to go..the door closed to make more space I am sure. It is sad to leave behind a job you love, heck it is sad if you hate it because generally the people are nice.

    But you will do great things!


  7. You are right - God has a plan, God bless

  8. Stay strong, keeping you in my heart and prayers and yes there will be something new to venture too.......God Bless......:-)Hugs

  9. Hugs. It sounds like your road is following a bumpy course again. It can be hard to muster up the strength to face it. Cry today. Tomorrow your shoulders will broaden again. Hugs hugs

  10. That is really sad. Sometimes the rug is pulled right from under your feet and you have to start all over again.
    I wish you every success with whatever you decide to do about it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Oh Debbie! I am so sorry about the closing. I feel sad for you! Hugging you sweetie!!
    I just know good things will come of this. And I will be praying for all of you.

  12. Keep your head up girl adn remember that good can come from a loss. Take advantage of the time!

  13. Dropped by from Diane's - wishing you the best of luck and sending you good thoughts. It sounds to me like you have the "right stuff" to get through this and be better off for it. :)

  14. Sorry to hear! This economy truly sucks. Here's to coming through this okay.

  15. I heard the news this morning about the school and was in shock ..I was praying that it didn't effect you. My heart goes out to you and while I only know you through "blog" are one of the strongest women I know and I know this will just be one of those things in life that will make you stronger!!! Stay strong and know that you have alot of people praying for you :)

  16. Praying for Him to surround you with arms of comfort.

    Jeremiah 29:11

  17. I am so so sorry ((((((((((((((((HUGHS))))))))))))))))
    praying for PEACE and provision from above!
    God is good....