Sunday, May 16, 2010

strength to move mountains..or just carpets!

Some times,
the most frustating part of being 'just me'
is when something BIG needs doing
and I am not sure how to tackle it!

Sometimes I wait,
Sometimes I try anyway..
and Sometimes I find myself in over my head,
but giving up is not an option!

I had that moment today...
I decided on a whim
it was time to move the carpet
OFF the back porch!
its a large porch
and the carpet was glued down.
It had been here since we moved in
and it was dirty...
So..I decided I would pull it up.
I moved the furniture as I went..
the porch has corners and odd shapes,
and I rolled as best I could
moving at angles..
and then I reached the end.
I now needed to get this LARGE bulky,heavy carpet
off the porch!

My strength was GONE!
I called my kids
and they did their best!
they really did!

BUT it required me lifting this thing
that weighs much more then me
UP while they pulled it out the door!
My muscles were shaking,
sweat was pouring..
but giving up could not happen.

In that moment it is not about the carpet,
it is about the fact that saying I can't
is admitting something bigger then me.
I wish I did not have to lift heavy things..
and I wish I did not have to move carpets..
and climb ladders!

BUT, I am learning
that the more I know how to do,
the less I have to wait for help for,
the more empowered and less helpless I feel!

Its not always about what you WANT to do..
its often about what you CAN!


  1. Oh I can relate to this from leaky shower heads to cleaning lawn mowers of smoke alarms.
    I have had to learn so much since being widowed, it was hard because I didn't want to learn about these things, didn't think I should have too well I learned after paying a handy man 37.00 an hour that I had not only better learn I better learn to like it. Now I am so happy I can do so many things around the house that I can......:-) Hugs

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  3. I too have been in that situation many times. You are right it makes you stronger both physically and mentally. But it is still ok to ask for help. Which for a stubborn girl like me is the hardest thing.

  4. It is often about you HAVE to whether you want to or not. But I agree with soccer mom...asking for help is okay too!

  5. When you are single, you learn a lot about what you can do, that is for sure. You also learn to ask for help more! It's all good.

  6. I see those tasks as fantastic metaphors for single motherhood. A couple of summers ago I decided to move several railroad ties up the hill to the road to be hauled away by the city. I was exhausted, but I did it.

  7. Thanks for following. I am your newest follower! You are one tough cookie. I am not a single MOm but I do single mommy gig Monday through Friday because my husband lives/ works 4 hours away (lovely economy). It is exhausting. I don't know how you do it without ever having a break. I do understand having to get things done and not having the option to quit. You are a strong and amazing woman and a righteous example to your children! Stay strong. Happy Mothering!

  8. thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I agree asking for help is VITAL!!! learning...:)
    truthful mommy- wanted to let you know that yes its tough doing it alone (as you know..) but I get a break!! their dad has them every other weekend and one night a week. I am one of the lucky single moms whose co parent is still just that!:)

  9. I like to try to things myself too. Hate to have to ask for help but sometimes I see no other way. Just this evening I resorted to asking hubby to help me hang a new cabinet on the bathroom wall. I'd worked with all my OWN tools getting it together and ready to hang... then moving things around in the bathroom to get the space ready where I wanted it. But I just couldn't hang it alone. Hubby was quick to jump and help when I called though. I'm thankful for a wonderful, helpful partner. :)

  10. I too was a single Mom when my oldest was just 6 weeks. I was left with a brand new house accompanied by a brand new mortgage. I had a new car with a payment and my ex-husband to be decided that since he had a city vehicle he no longer needed his car.Sooo he left me with his car payment along with credit card bills to pay. I was determined not to lose a thing. I would not lose my good name. I would raise my child the best I could and love her enough for the both of us. I would take care of that house by myself. You will be amazed at what you can do and what you can learn just by trying. Somethings will be easy others won't. But through it all remember it is a lesson in growth for you and it's an accomplishment no matter what. Don't beat yourself up if it isn't perfect. Pat yourself on the back and keep smiling. You are beautiful inside and out. Ask for help if you need it and remember God never gives you more than you can handle. I will help you with any project you want to undertake. Just call on me. I'll be there. I love the challenge. Terry (AKA Addison's Mom)