Wednesday, May 12, 2010!

It still amazes
that I am at a place in my life
that what I do
impacts my children's very well being
and welfare
in every way there is.
For so many years,
I trusted another to provide
while I got to be a mom.
Now I am a mom!
Now I provide!
and sometimes one supersedes the other,
and sometimes they balance each other..
but, both are now vital roles.
And either role being threatened
would leave me
equally stressed and on edge.

A single moms life.
Often knowing
its on you!
Often feeling
your choices are limited
to the needs of your children!
Often feeling the pressure
of wanting to be it all,
and the fear that some how you
won't be.
In a volatile economic climate
we are all feeling it..
BUT, I will admit
that it seems to take on
a whole other side
when you are in it..
well, as just you!

Good, bad, happy ,sad..
This burden,
This weight,
This responsibility
is never far from a single moms heart..
even when she smiles
beneath the smile
lies the knowledge
that the turn life took,
requires strength her smile will never fully convey!


  1. I remember when i first got divorced, I was terrified to take it all on alone. I would have nightmares about men in the shadows chasing my kids and I. It does get easier.
    Dont try to be super mom. Kids are strong and so are you

  2. While the weight is there, so is the joy and the courage. You're doing a fantastic job.

  3. You are so right. It takes a great deal of strength and courage to put one foot in front of the other. I remember this journey well. Sometimes I couldn't breathe. And the stress level can really bear down on you. Prayer made all the difference for me. That and the love I had for my child. But I know how hard it is and I salute you. You are brave and courageous and you love your children. You believe in prayer. You have all the tools that you will need to journey on.
    Hugging you

  4. But you handle it beautifully!

  5. You will look back on it all and marvel at your strength.
    You are strong and you manage very well.

    Nuts in May

  6. I hear what you're saying. I'm a single dad with halftime custody, and I'm feeling the economic pinch big time. I try to remember that besides being a parent, I'm just a person. People can only do so much. My kids know I have their best intentions at heart, but I'm not superman. And that fosters a compassionate spirit for all of us in the house, and removes some of the pressue. We're all in this together.

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  9. It is scary and burdensome to be the sole provider in a household. But somehow, we just seem to grit our teeth and do it.

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  12. Well stated.

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  15. You are so right on with this post. I never would have imagined that I would be responsible for two other human beings. It's a scary thought.

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  16. Debbie,

    You hang in there my blogging buddy. You are a terrific Mom. Does your ex help you out sufficiently? I don't mean to pry but I do worry about you.

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  18. PS your family is absolutely gorgeous.

  19. I know exactly whaT you mean! ((((HUGHS)))