Saturday, May 8, 2010

How we are defined

Mothers day!
A day to celebrate-
A day to be celebrated...
and a time to reflect.

When I reflect on mothers,
The first mother that comes to mind
is mine.
My mom was calm and mild.
She was not the one who talked through dinner
(that was me)
nor did she tell jokes
or funny stories.
Instead she was patient
and tolerant.
She was the one who always went without
so we could have what we needed
or even wanted.
She kept the home clean
and yet never asked for thanks.
She drove us to ball games, and practices
and stores..
and I never thought any thing of it,
until I had my own kids..
she never complained!
She was there to listen when I was sad,
she still is..
and always ready to cheer me on
when life was good.
She knows all my favorite things,
she never forgets a birthday..
she is the glue that dries unseen,
and yet everything would fall apart
it it was not there
I love my mother!
I honor my mother!
I want to be more like my mother...

This mothers day
I hope that as I reflect
I will see where I once was,
accept where I now am..
and some how find the strength and answers
to still be the mother
I deeply desire to be,
in spite of the changes
and pulls on my time and attention.

This mothers day
I want to be inspired.
So to all the inspiring mothers out there
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Beautiful..that is the mother I strive to be and the mother I know you are :) Thank you for sharing.


  2. Wishing you a fantastic Mothers day.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Debbie!!!

  4. Back at you sweetie......:-) Hugs