Sunday, December 27, 2009

life is too short....

I have a friend...
she is young..
she is a mom...
she is crafty..
she is organized...
she is the polar opposite of me...

and she is dying.
she probably has days left!

When I first got to know her,
it seemed so unlikely we would hit it off,
I was the 'leader' of the ladies group..
she was the one who seemed to do it all and know how to get it all done..
and she did it well.
I liked her! A LOT!
I learnt so much from watching her..
and also learnt that I would never be like her...
she made her own christmas cards,
threw beautiful tea parties...
was creative in ways I could never even pretend to be..
she was something else!

Then she found out she had cancer..
she battled it for SIX years!
She raised her little ones
from preschoolers
to elementary students..
she poured into them.
She volunteered at their school
and spent time with them..
and went to treatment..
and NEVER said how scared she was!
She is the bravest person I believe I have ever known!

and now,
she fights with little strength,
and seems ready to let go!
and yet,
in those she leaves behind,
her legacy will live on!
We have all been reminded how special
rare friends are...
how short life is..
that each moment is a gift not a guarantee...
and we will not forget,
because she is and always will be unforgettable!


  1. Hi Debbie, I guess its people and events like these that actually make us sit up and wake up from our sleepy life. Her life cut so short when there are so many who needed her. But it's good she has left such an impression. At least her life was meaningful, how do we make ours meaningful too? Like you said 'so lost!'. Bless you and what you will be going through in the coming days. (((Hugs)))

  2. That was beautiful Debbie. You have such a way with words and your ability to express your thoughts and feelings. She truly was all of those things and so strong and brave. She will be missed!

  3. I am so sorry. But a great's not the time you have, it's what you pack into it. What a blessing her life has been.

    You are a great friend.


  4. I am so sorry. I cannot imagine. Can not find words that would convey an understanding of what they are going through.
    God bless these hard time ahead.

  5. What a sweet tribute to what appears to be a very strong and capable and yet caring and loving woman.
    So many of the great ones leave this world early. Hugs to her family and yours. But cherish the blessings she seems to have brought you in her short life.

  6. Oh, this made me so sad. My thoughts are with her family... and you. XO

  7. What a tragic post. My mother lost her battle with Cancer at just 34 years old. My thoughts are with her.