Friday, December 11, 2009

What I LOVE about fridays...

so many things...

Friday is normally a good day at work...
its art day for my little kiddos...
my own children are relaxed as it is dress down day at their school..
so Friday starts well...

When I leave work on a Friday
I walk out the doors take a deep breath
and the relief I feel STILL is huge!
For 13 plus months I carried a feeling
of having to answer at all moments to another..
I carried the weight of an obsessive relationship...
when I walk away from my day job
and head to my home
it is with lightness and relief!
The gratefulness I feel at no longer living in daily volatility
and walking on eggshells,
so deep...
I feel that most on Fridays..

then there is my Fridays with the kids..
tonight being one..
we watch movies, get take out, light a fire, drink hot chocolate..
there is no more perfect place for me to be...
and of course,
there are the Fridays with out the kids..
and funnily,
the routine is often the same.,
my favorite thing is renting a movie,
getting Thai food
lighting a fire..
and enjoying my Friday alone...

and lastly I love
that Friday when the kids are in bed..
I feel the freedom to let all the chores be,
I know that Saturdays coming..
so the dishes can wait,
the laundry can sit,
the dust can collect..
and for tonight
I relax...
and read...
and enjoy the fire..
and love that its Friday!


  1. Here's to wonderful, unpressured Fridays!! xo

  2. Isn't it funny that Fridays give that same feeling the world over? Last night for instance, I lit the fire, ordered a Chinese take out, opened a bottle of red wine and watched TV - Perfect! On the other side of the Atlantic you did the same! How many millions of others had the exact same idea?
    Ahh Fridays!

  3. Friday friday!! TGIF...since becoming a SAHM it's a different day that excites me but I remember so well the friday night relaxes!

    Enjoy your entire weekend!