Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis the season to be busy....

really,I cannot believe that we are more then one week into December!
I am learning some important truths
about being a 'work outside of the home' mom, this season.
Because there is alot of fun things to do
sometimes weekend 'housework' gets pushed aside!
Here is the problem..
if you are gone ALL day..
and there are functions at night...
well, you don't get to catch up!
however, the functions are seasonal
and this Christmas will be extra sweet...
so what if we don't have any clean clothes to wear..
and the bathroom needs a serious makeover..
it will all still be there in January!
It might be a bit scary..
but it will be there none the less!!


  1. Oh the Joys of single parenting! I remember sitting down with the kids and drawing up (with their help) a rota of jobs that needed doing, emptying the dishwasher, mopping the floors etc. and the kids agreed to share the tasks in return for their allowance and so on.
    Give it a whirl Debbie!

  2. thanks Steve..working on it..consistency is not always my friend! BUT oh so needed!!

  3. Agree with Steve get d duty roster done. When I was young I washed the dishes, ironed the clothes and mopped the floor, whilst my brother cleaned the dishes, folded the clothes and took out the garbage. I watered the plants, he mowed the lawn. Those were the days, fun days. I am sure they will enjoy it.

  4. inspired...adding chores to the list!!!!!!