Saturday, December 19, 2009

reprise on ugly word...

as I thought and rethought
and 'listened'
to a wise person..
I realized that,
the 'we' that hurts
is not the 'we' that represents the couple..
it is the 'we' that represents the other family!
It is the 'we' as would be in
'her mother and I'...
and thats the 'we' that hurts!
when you realize
that another 'couple' are invested
and have a thought and opinion
on your children..
and half of that other couple
was not someone you chose..
or loved..
or committed yourself and lifetime too..
and yes, this goes both ways!!
I fell in love once with another..
and hope to one day again!
its the reality of a divorce..
but it is one of the realities that is hardest to swallow..
because long after you fall out of love with your ex..
you are still daily falling in love with your children,
so sharing them..
hearing from another
whose 'we' can change the direction
is a battle that will be faced and faced again!


  1. Debbie, If my arms could span the thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean that separate us as the moment I'd give you a big hug.

    Your intelligence is obvious in your posts, your emotions are apparent also. Keep posting, keep venting, keep dealing with your feelings. You'll be fine! xx

  2. Thanks Steve..I feel your hug!:)