Thursday, December 10, 2009

time for me??

there really always is time for me.
Sometimes something is left undone..
and sometimes something is deemed
just not that important,...
but I have found that I can find those moments
in my day...
on my 30 minute break
I chat with my best friend...
or read in a comfy chair..
or stare into space,..
or pray!
At night,
sometimes I watch a 30 minute show..
sometimes I blog..
sometimes I exercise...
but always something!
I used to measure time to myself by quantity,
I have learnt that sometimes its in stolen moments.
Always, I build time in to read until I fall asleep,
sometimes thats 10 minutes
sometimes an hour..
but its all mine...
this season I am doing something BIG for me..
I am acting in my church's dinner theater!
While doing dinner theater is not new...
it is the first time since being on my own
that I have done this..
the kids come watch the practice and enjoy..
dishes pile up a bit..
laundry is a bit behind...
but, I am having a blast!
NOT at the compromise of anyone or anything..
I need make no apology...
I am learning
that I am mom, and daughter, and sister and friend and employee...
and in all that, best not forget thatI am also me!


  1. I used to be picky on all these little things... not anymore. There are more important things in life,like listening to my loved ones. We may be hearing not really listening, so when they feel sad or lonely or bothered we can be there for them. That is what life is about right, being there. Blessings

  2. Good for you Debbie, It is sometimes hard to be yourself when you have to wear so many different hats i.e parent, employee, sibling etc. We forget that we are still a person.
    Good for you and Good luck with it! x