Thursday, March 25, 2010


So my son..
is so..
amazingly out of sync with the world!
I will not label why,
There needs to be no reason!
he is who he is
without apology!
He sees the world in black and white
and calls it as he sees it!
No filters...
But, to date..
most wise expression
he has used,
without irony..
complete truth to him..
was a conversation that went like this;
we were talking about girls
and how it took work to figure them out..
I said
"you like puzzles and using your brain"..
he said
"I like logic puzzles, logic puzzles come with clues
to help you solve them.
girls don't!"

and there you have it!!

He is 12 and yet wise in ways I cannot describe..
and yet cannot remember where he put his pencil,
or his scout book
or..well, you know , most anything!!
But, his ability to live life without filters
amazes me!
I asked him a question.
he very seriously responded;
"mom, would you like me to tell you what you want to hear?
or would you like me to tell you the truth?"

I WISH the whole world
was OUT of sync!
What a Brilliant and Beautiful
place it would be!


  1. I can relate to his wisdom! Girls (and women) are puzzles put together without logic! :-) (That's why we men love you all so much)

  2. I love him already! "would you like me to tell you the truth?" Good one! Should be more like him around!

  3. I've worked with many who only see black or white no shades of gray. They can be fun!

  4. I suspect that deep inside, most of us believe the opposite sex are unsolvable puzzles.