Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A , maybe unexpected, yet appropriatte acknowledgement

This post is a little different..
it is an actual acknowledgment
to the man who left me..
and whom I loved once deeply..!

There was much that hurt me,
that I have blogged..
but there was much that
I am grateful for,
that I have not blogged
as much!!

With this man
who owned my heart;
I had 3 children.

for 9 years
I stayed home with these children.
I was with them every day,
I took them to the park,
and play dates.
I spent days at the zoo
and climbing trees
with them.
We met their dad
at the park for lunch,
we met friends at McDonalds
and the library...
it was heaven on earth!

for 9 years I lived my dream..
I was a full time mommy and wife.
I never had to miss a moment,
or a tear.
I read to my children as often as they wanted,
I went to all their events..
they never came second to anything!
They never heard the words;
"sorry, mommy can't."
for 9 years I was able to pour my soul
into my children..

and now,
as a working mom..
who still loves her children as much..
but who now understands shuffling priorities
and the balancing act that life now demands;
I understand the rare gift that I had.
I now know that those daytime moments
of swinging in the park
were a blessing..
a stolen moment!
and those moments
were made possible by their dad!!

Of all the gifts over the years..
the jewelry and flowers,
the kisses and trips..
the gift of time with THEM
is the greatest gift he ever gave.

I believe its why even now
after all that's happened
and the hurt
and the moments that I still cry..
I still love!
Its not the love that comes
with a lifetime commitment..
or the love that makes your skin prickle..
its a love that carries deep thankfulness,
and a love that sees the good
and remembers the best..
and understands that you can never
the moments
that define us..
they are ours!!

So to this man..
this man I loved once deeply!
Thank you
for the moments with our children
that have defined me..
and I hope
have helped define them too!


  1. This shows how much you have grown. Good for you! Very proud of you!

  2. Wow. What a way to look at it :)

  3. Man he lost big time ;) But you gained so much and so did your children. You are truly the most forgiving person I've ever "met" and so much good is going to come your way including someone who will appreciate how amazing you are!


  4. Your children are very lucky, indeed, to have such a thoughtful mom who's working so hard to get through this rough patch! Cheers to YOU!!

  5. What a wonderful thing to say to someone who you no long are married to!!!! So many times you hear the ex's having nothing good to say about the other, this is refreshing!

  6. Dearest Debbie,

    One of the greatest gifts that you may unwittingly give your children is your gift of always looking at the glass as half full. Your positive attitude is such an inspiration. Your forgiving attitude will be remembered by your children when they are adults and realize what their Dad actually did. I am so glad that the card came. I pray for you and your children every night dear lady. Blessings

  7. Wow ... what an amazing perspective. Beautiful.

  8. thanks ladies..
    and to all the ladies who left me such sweet comments..blogger keeps denying my publishing and they have dissapeared!! I will keep working on it..:(

  9. Your children are lucky to have those moments, as are you. Things may be different now, but I promise they'll always have that foundation! :)

  10. you are so brave to put it out there like that

  11. It is so rare to hear people remembering and treasuring these moments. Such a marvellous post... if I did a post of the week you would get it!!

  12. I love it. I posted about my gratitude for my ex about a year after my divorce also. It was healing.

  13. This is great. I'm a divorced dad who has been working from home for years, and while I don't make nearly as much money as I did in my corporate life, I get to spend time with my kids. That's something I will cherish forever.

  14. thank you all for the encouragement. I think Secret agent expressed my heart..this is healing.

  15. this post made me teary eyed, it's seldom that I encounter appreciation for an Ex.

  16. Oh Debbie I had written you a long comment then blogger ate it.......so I just want to say you are a special lady with a wonderful attitude. You think of others and how they are feeling as well as your children and yourself. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.
    love you, xo